Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frugal Is as Frugal Does

Everyday there are things we can do to be more frugal in these hard economic times. We need to be intentional about it asking ourselves where do we buy our groceries or should we make it a Blockbuster night? Here are a few things that we can do to to carve our budgets.
Buy items you use in bulk at Sam's or Costcos. Buy the largest package you can find, which gives you the most for your money.
Stop buying so many frozen foods. Some frozen foods make sense, like buying frozen bread dough. It is less expensive to buy three or four unbaked loaves of bread together, than to buy one pre-sliced loaf of bread. You can add variety with frozen bread dough by rolling it out, brushing with butter and sprinkling it with cinnamon-sugar.Roll it back up and bake. Presto, you have cinnamon bread. Throw in raisins or pecans to your taste.
Buy foods that are less convenient , and more "old faithful" items like dry beans, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and butter (store brand.) Buy in bulk when possible. Just forget about the nicely packaged pre-made honey butter, mashed potatoes, or other prepared foods!
Eat out less frequent. If you just have to have Chili's rack of baby backs, get the meal as a take-out. That saves you from buying overpriced drinks, paying tips, and buying that dessert you didn't need.
rent it Instead of going to the movies, buying popcorn and expensive tickets, make it a Blockbuster night. The movie wont be brand new when you see it, but you will save a load of dough.
During these tough economic times, stay away from clothing that needs special care. Spend your money wisely on clothes that can be thrown in the washer and dryer.
Drive the automobiles less. This is hard but well worth a try. Combine trips, so you don't wasting valuable fuel. If your vehicle doesn't call for high-octane gas, it doesn't NEED it!. 87 Octane works great!. Also, if your community has it available, use public transportation.
Take the next 6 months and really focus on the things that YOU can do to cut back on needless spending. Have fun with all that extra money you"ll be saving!

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