Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get Paid To Read Emails

When I first lost my job last year I was not sure what I was going to do. Most businesses had not been taking applications for months and it got harder and harder to find any open positions. After a month of disappointment I turned to the internet and stumbled upon this site,, and figured that I would make the most of the extra time on my hands. I started writing about saving money and at the same time trying to promote products and drive traffic to my site.

That's when I found and my life got much simpler!

Let me start by saying this is not a "get rich quick scam." This a great way to earn some much needed extra income in these hard times.
Let me also tell you that you can make money reading emails with this service and never pay a penny! There are several Pro and Premium package upgrades that are available, but no kidding, you will receive 2-4 commercial emails in the first 48 hours of your free sign up and you will be paid cash to read them.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

You can log into your FREE Hits4Pay account and read paid emails from the Internal mailbox. You have to sign into Hits4Pay daily to read your ads. Just click on "Internal Mailbox" and then click on emails waiting to see if there are ads to be read. Then you click on the ad to read... At the top it will say:
"Please wait until your account has been credited." This usually takes about 45 seconds and then it it will say...
"Your account has been credited." There will be a yellow box next to that, that says...
"click here to view the next ad." If you have anymore ads to view, it will bring up the next one. Otherwise, just check back periodically for new paid emails!

You will make money just by reading your paid emails but you can make even more money by getting referrals! It is extremely easy and anyone can do it in about 15-20 minutes a day! You get referrals by running FREE ads on CraigsList and other free advertising sites. When people sign up under you and they read their emails, YOU get paid too! That is where the real money is and that is how you can make $20 to $40 a day like I do! But, in reality the sky is the limit as to what you can make!
There is virtually no need to pay to run referral ads or buy a mailing list. It is really not necessary! There are plenty of FREE classifieds out there and you can find them by running a Google search "Post Free Business Ads".

Run as many ads as you can in different cities but be sure to follow their site rules as well as the advertising rules from Hits4Pay. Look at other job listings on the advertising sites. Get ideas from their ads and be sure to follow the advertising guidelines as it applies to Hits4pay and the classified ad site.
Posting ads WILL get results and the money is in the referrals. Your referrals and their referrals. You are paid to read YOUR emails. You are paid when your REFERRALS read emails. AND you are paid when THEIR REFERRALS read email.! You can see how this can really add up!

I currently have over 1000 in my downline so far and I make about $280 a week. The vast majority of that can be attributed to referrals! I have been doing this for awhile now and in reality, my referrals pay me a very nice income. That's not bad for just running an ad every few days!
PEOPLE WILL SIGN UP! Just keep your ads simple and professional. Quick and to the point. Take your time retyping any links or urls. I have many samples of ads, emails, and interest letters to get you started. It takes a little time and effort to build a referral base but it is well worth the effort, and it keeps building itself as long as your ads are current and you read your paid emails.
When you sign up as my referral I'll send you an email after a few days that will have attached all the ads I currently use. You can modify them as you wish to make them true to your situation. Just save the files to your computer (it helps to set up a Hits4Pay folder to keep them organized and to make posting go faster) and copy and paste them as you need to! This really saves a lot of time when replying to a bunch of emails from interested people who found your ad!

I keep you updated on any tricks I come across and also send some letters to use in case you or your referrals need some encouragement, the best categories to choose to get the most emails and anything else that might help you. Feel free to copy any and all things I send you. But remember to modify them to be true to your situation as honesty is the best policy.

Just remember, if I send you any ad or letter with my hyperlink in it, make sure you change it to yours that will be given to you by Hits4pay. If you don't reset the hyperlink others that see your add may sign up under me! That happened to me the first month and I had sent my upline about 30 referrals! Don't make the same mistake.

Be sure to keep in touch with your referrals and encourage them. That's the key to building your client base. You've got to train up good referrals so they can continue and train up good referrals! If they are happy and making money, then you'll be happy and making money!

If you are ready to start reading emails for money, than click the link below for your FREE ACCOUNT!!

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